Minack Theatre – Loveplay

What is love?  Does human desire change through time?  Or are we all eternally searching for an impossible union somewhere between the physical and the emotional? Moira Buffini’s wryly satirical play charts a chaotic trail of seduction, transaction and romantic aspiration that takes place on a single spot of ground across 2000 years.

Pragmatic, intellectual, occasionally even brutal, these transient sexual encounters are ironically reflected in the fortunes of a patch of scrubland, as it evolves from Roman latrine to sacred cloister and ultimately to the steel and concrete of commercial London. 

Director Ben Kernow says, “The play threads a fine line between the tragic and the comic in human relationships.  What can be more tragic than an endless cycle of, often unfulfilled, desire continually repackaged in the social conventions of different ages? And at the same time, that’s the perfect recipe for comedy.”

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